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As soon as you take the first step on board from the Meander, an unforgettable adventure begins. The Meander is a comfortable ship fully equipped for the arctic sea. Relax on deck with a lovely sea breeze, anchor in a cove in front of a glacier or take the Zodiac to the beach for walking in amazing nature. Everything is possible on your trip. And when you enjoy the panorama around you at the end of the day, you are already dreaming about the adventures of the next day. Let the elements lead you and expect the most unexpectable. Enjoy the challenging nature of Spitsbergen, we will take you on a journey that you won’t forget.


Are you looking for an active sailing trip in an amazing area like Spitsbergen? Then come along on the Meander. Help set sail, steer the ship, doe fantastic walks and listen to many interesting stories during lectures on board. We will have a day to day planning of the trip that we always get the best out of the day. If this suits you, come along and have the time of your life.

On the Meander we offer 4 double standard cabins with shared showers/toilets and double comfort cabins with private shower/toilet. Our cook on board will make daily varied meals for you. On deck, our crew will show you how to set the sails, navigate and steer the ship. They wil bring you with zodiacs to shore to explore the landscape. 


trip 1

Longyearbyen – Longyearbyen
01.06.2024 (14:00) – 10.06.2024 (12:00)
Standart € 3.300,-
Comfort € 3.650,-


"Isfjord" Hike below the twilight

-fully booked-

18.09.2024 (14:00) – 25.09.2024 (12:00)
Standard € 2.650,-
Comfort € 2.950,-

Trip description

In the afternoon you will come on board with us and the crew wil be ready to welcome you. After an introduction about the ship, behaviour on board and safety, the ropes can be untied and the journey begins. The Meander sails from Longyearbyen out of the beautiful Icefjord, what a great start. Our journey goes along the fjords from the west coast of Spitsbergen, either north or south. Always depending on where the wind, weather and ice conditions lead us.

On this 7 day trip you will explore the west coastal area of Spitsbergen. If possible, we will sail from one spot to the next along the coast of Spitsbergen. There are daily landings with the two zodiacs in the fjords , at a glacier or on the tundra. Of course the expedition leader wil be armed on shore to protect for the local polar bears! The expedition leader gives detailed explanations about the course of the journey, lectures and answers questions during a conversation outside on deck.

The 10-days voyage includes the plan to visit the pack-ice boundary high up in the north and discover the High Arctic in its full glory. The additional days give us the oppertunity to stay in the ice for longer moments and enjoy them to the fullest.

Heading north.
At Gravneset you can sail past a historic place, where Willem Barentsz came first and gave Spitsbergen its name. In Smeerenburg you can find the remains of the illustrious whaler’s village from the 17th century. The countless graves remind us of a dangerous and rough existence. Places such as Sallyhamna, the Magdalenafjorden, the Cross and Kongsfjorden await us with fantastic panoramas and unforgettable impressions.

When we sail south from the Ijsfjorden, the Bellsund with the beautiful Reserchebreen, lots of history and animals are waiting for you. Further south you can find the Hornsund with an incomparable glacier world and beautiful mountains. Sometimes it is also possible to visit the southern cape, where beautiful walks and atmospheric places await us.

During our journey along the beautiful coastline of Spitsbergen we pass glaciers and jagged mountain peaks. Occasionally and if the weather permits, we also sail through the night to wake up the next day in a beautiful bay and go ashore again. The best thing is a trip on Svalbard with enough time to enjoy and not to let the shore illness ,stress’ arise. The evening behind the anchor in a beautiful bay with a view over a glacier, a nice glass of wine or a book on deck… That is the magic of Spitsbergen on sailingship Meander.

We hope to be able to show as much as possible of the arctic wildlife: whales, arctic foxes, walruses, birds and of course the polar bear. Our crew will do the best to visit the best places to see them; But of course we cannot give a guarantee on seeing the wildlife.
In your time on sea you can be together with your fellow travelers in the warm salon while enjoying a cup of tea.
When the Meander arrives in Longyearbyen again, it is definitely nice spending some time in Longyearbyen.

We do not work with a daily itinerary from the program, because we like to be able to be flexible related to the weather and the location of any whales and other wildlife. The crew and the expedition leader coordinate the route in such a way that the best possible route wil be sailed.
Weather and wind can affect the travel program.

Travel through the autumnal Arctic with the Meander in September 2023 and take advantage of this exclusive offer to take part in an unforgettable voyage. 

Captain Mario Czock, the crew and expedition leader Alexander Lembke are enthusiastic polar travellers who have been planning and conducting ship tours in and around Spitsbergen for many years. For September 2023, they have now developed a new concept for the first time. The expedition participants travel in a small group of maximum 12 people and take plenty of time to follow the light, perhaps discover still unknown places or simply observe a glacier in the evening light. 

September is one of the most beautiful months on Spitsbergen to experience the magical light of the Arctic. Expedition members have the opportunity to enjoy the landscapes and impressive mountain massifs shrouded in changing light and to photograph unique motifs. At this time of year, the light creates a very special atmosphere and the first snow can already cover the landscape in a white dress. With a bit of luck, auroras can be spotted. The weather can be very changeable and the first ice can form on the fjords. 

As the days are already much shorter in September, you can spend the evening and night hours in the warm and cosy saloon chatting with your fellow passengers over a cup of tea, reading a book or looking at your photos together with Alexander Lembke. Thematically appropriate, there will also be a lecture or two. 

Time on a sailing ship in the Arctic runs more slowly in autumn and therefore this sailing trip is themed around slow discovery and taking your time without having a fixed route. Often the most beautiful moments arise unplanned and with the Meander we have the opportunity to flexibly engage with them. Of course, with a bit of luck we will also experience some animal sightings such as polar bears or arctic foxes, but the focus is not on a photo safari, but on the overall experience of the Arctic in autumn on a small but capable sailing ship. 

One or two shore excursions are undertaken daily, depending on the weather, leaving space and time to experience this unique nature.