The Ship

Expedition Ship Meander

Length over all: 30m
Draft: 2.85m
Sailing area: 400m²
Engine: MAK (300hp)

The Meander was built in 1946 at a German shipyard in Hamburg. At the time, this shipyard in Finkenwerder was famous for building strong ships, and built the Meander with an ice-strengthened hull. This means that the Meander is an ice-classed ship and can easily operate in the Arctic.
Meander was operated as a fishing vessel until the 90s. In 1995 she was transformed into a luxury sailing vessel with the purpose of carrying passengers. She was sailed in without restrictions in sailing area, went around Cape Horn, passed the Drake Passage to Antarctica and took quite violent seas, like any high sea vessel should be able to.
In 2016 she was bought by Heine van de Molen. He brought her back into charter and refitted her with a lot of love and passion. Today she can take 12 passengers and can carry up to 5 crew members.
The rigging allows an easy handling so even unexperienced travellers can handle Meander. She sails at a good speed and still delivers comfort and cosiness.
Meander is equipped according to the Dutch rules and regulations for the unlimited sailing area. Modern navigation equipment, generators and even solar panels allow the Meander to operate independently for ages. A heating system and our sauna will keep it nice and warm on board.


The traditional rigging and the robust underwater hull make this two-master a particularly safe sailing ship on sea. Because of its form and length, the Meander moves smoothly over the water. The easy handling of the sails and the good sailing characteristics mean that people without sailing experience can easily and actively participate in sailing.

gezellig samenzijn en eten tijdens zeilvakantie op achterdek Meander

Comfortable accommodation

Our finest place on board is the great seating and dining area on the Meander’s campaign deck – Protected from the sun or rain if necessary. Furthermore, the front and tween deck provide additional seating.

There is air conditioning on the ship for warm regions and when it is cold, what might happen on some trips, we have a good central heating. A small sauna is available for enthusiasts.

In the deckhouse there is a cozy salon with a separate kitchen and a view of the surroundings. A beer tap and central cooling with soft drinks and wines are available. Below deck are the comfortable double cabins with a sink each. Two separate showers and three separate toilets are also installed.

The wheelhouse

The wheelhouse is the center of the ship and here you will find all equipment to be able to sail safely over the world’s oceans. It is also a wonderful place to stay, steer, shelter or join in the watch.

Meander stuurhut met navigatiemiddelen leren zeezeilen en navigerenNavigation equipment

2 marifoons with dsc
Hf and Mf transmitter
2 depth gauges
Immersat c
Satelite phone
GPS compass
2 magnetic compasses
Board computer with plotter
Sateliet T.V. receiver  

The engine

A four-cylinder MAK M423 from 1960 is the propulsion of the ship and it is a reliable marine engine. You can really enjoy to watch and listen to this slow runner (265 rpm). The 300 PS horsepower make the Meander a powerful and economical ship in terms of the engine. The engine runs slowly and the exhaust sound is well damped, which is pleasant for the people on board.

 de motor van zeilschip Meander is een viercilinder MAK langzaam loper van 1960


Max. 12 people for overnight stays and 6 double cabins.


2 showers
3 toilets


Coffee machine


Central heating throughout the ship
Air conditioning
Wash basin in every cabin
Bed linen included
Washing machine